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Graphtec CE-5000-60 settings

Guest jain1980

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Guest jain1980

Went ahead and got hold of a CE5000-60 for cutting paint protection Film.

I have used the settings as : Downforce - 14,Speed - 7,Quality - 1

I have many small squares and circles around 5mm dia in my plots but unable to weed out those properly.Weeding is very difficuly without spoiling the Film.I think the cuts are full as the release liner is getting the plot marks.

What's the optimum settings and what's the best technique to weed out PPF without spoiling the rest of the Film as I need it to stay on the liner. Do I need to change to 60* Blades ?

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Guest Sidewinder

There isnt really an 'ideal' setting for anything, including ppf. lots of factors that can and do change a little. Type of film and its individual characteristics, machine, blade type, blade brand, blade sharpness, etc. for most ppf the average 8mil variety a sharp 45 degree blade is fine. the main reason for a 60 degree blade would be for significantly thicker materials.

if you are getting a score in the liner you are close on where the blade is positioned in the holder and force pressures. I have noticed that the adhesives currently being used in a few different ppf's makes weeding harder no matter the settings. On small areas a pointy tweezers and or knife for picking may be of some help. The materials from a few years ago did weed easier, but the adhesive was more delicate when it came to actually installing. everything is a trade off I supposed.

Weed immediately after plotting also can help.

Good luck getting things set

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