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We had response from last post on TD couple months ago. The guys arrives in Nashville on bus(from Wa state), with everything he owns in bag. He worked one week, with complete control over business. Sales were lowest since I opened 1 1/2 yr ago. The second he didn't show up on days he said he was going to come in, needless to say didn't work one day the second week.(sick)(got paid)???? Monday morning of the 3rd week, was supposed to be at office at 9am. I got call at 7:30 am and was told he was going to admit himself in rehab.

We are looking for that one person who see's an oppurtunity. Wants to work hard, make as much money as he/she wants.

If you ask why would this guy want to get rid of successful business. I am not wanting to get rid business, I believe in do one thing and one thing well. I am partnering up another flat glass company( I opened1996 and sold this company 2004) to do Flat glass only. I worked for Tinttek 20/20, sales rep for 3M, I was a judge for the 2006 IWFE tintoff in Vegas. I was FormulaOne dealer. I have tons of experience and connections in window tinting industry.

So, if you are motivated, want to network with Flat glass company(3 sales guys) OWN your own comany and build your own future. Call me, 615-389-3757. If you have addictions, lazy and have ego problems, Don't waste your or my time.

* first class shop,image, clean,ac,plotter

* very little or no money down, opening capital would be nice

* take over up and running auto and ppf business


* Use whatever brands of films you want

* established cliental and building

* overhead about 4K per month(includes everything)

* averaging 12K per month(do the math) w/one installer

Seriously Inquiries ONLY

jwall1966@gmail.com will send shop photo up on request

Performance Films of Tn

917 8th Ave S.



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      Streaks after window tint

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      Marks appearing on the window after tint removal

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