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Well, I knew I was getting everything tinted so I called my family doctor...who also lived around the block from my parentrs house. I told him that I needed a prescription and at first he was confused and asked me wht. So I told him that it was for TINTS...he was confused so I expalined and he sighed and said "Alright, be at my office in 15 minutes and I will have the prescription waiting for you." So I get to his office pick up the prescription and read it and it says, "Please install tints on Alberto's vehicle. He suffers from severe headaches and severe eye strain from the glare of the sun." BUT I REALLY DON'T MUHAHAHAHAHA 

Gotta cover yourself. Try it. Can't hurt to try. Any doctor can write this prescription by the way. 



these type are on the streets :lol6

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this guy has limo on the front doors, 15% on the front WINDSHIELD, has a vinyl sticker on the back, sayine warining the owner of this vehicle arries a handgun and s**t.....in his pictures of his explorer he has a childseat in the back......what a fool, driving around with all that s**t with his child in the vehicle.......LOSER!

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