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1993 Cutlass


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I did this car on July 3rd. Tried to get it in one piece again, but still ended up doing it in 3 total. I did an overlap across the bottom and a defroster cut on the top line. I hated that I had to mess with this one, but the customer wanted it done for his 16 year old son and was willing to pay. I did give him a price break as they had the rear seat and deck out of it already.....so, back glass and windshield strip for two hundy forty five!

They were happy as could be.....and I got paid good for the headache.

Any of you that can do those in one piece and not have a film failure shortly I tip my hat to you.....would love to see how it is done.

full rear view


closer to the corner


looking out


It is amazing that I got paid good money for this but it was very clean other than the overlapped seam....

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I turn em away, call me a pussy if you want I'll slam out two new cars in the same time. Nothing older than 2000 please.

I tip my hat to anyone willing to take that car!

:trustme I've done it in 1 peice only once and it wasn't worth the money IMO.. but with NO warranty because I know it will have film failure down the road and no money is worth that coming back to me haunting my a$$

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Guest Sunlimited

Never got the chance to do one, I want someone to bite on my price because I tell people $450 to attempt it, they usually gasp and walk away... :lol6

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