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Help me out (pictures)

Guest rocca08

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Guest rocca08

Well I am tinting out my 2008 honda civic coupe (r18, for the win) this is my first attempt. I've watched very good tutorial videos

online that show how to heat shrink etc.. But here are some problems that I ran into that I need to fix probably today or tomorrow

I just been driving around with them like this really cant tell unless you get close to it to look if its professionally done or not.


http://i36.tinypic.com/2ikxevl.jpg - pic of the car w/ tints (on the sides from far away)

http://i34.tinypic.com/dggsoj.jpg - de-baged yesterday :tantrum

Tint Pictures (the bad stuff)

http://i35.tinypic.com/1zp1oaw.jpg - bubbles on the side on the right window (this one was cut a lot better than the left side this was my second window that I

did.. I didn't check for fingers when the tint was protected by film on the outside, not sure if it has to be cut perfectly then heat shrunk or if it really matters

how perfect the cut is when you heat shrink.)

http://i36.tinypic.com/jajodl.jpg - (here you can see a finger that was heated so it is squiggly but this was done with the heat on the outside of the window and I

think maybe from the inside of the window, it turned rainbow colored and wouldn't go down.) / http://i37.tinypic.com/2czvj3r.jpg (better picture, from the inside

of the car.)

http://i35.tinypic.com/fyn29f.jpg - (this is the top corner/side closest to the back of the window.. it is hard to see in the picture but I creased the top corner..

as well as on the cloest edge to the back it is cut jaged and looks like poo close if u go looking for it.)

http://i33.tinypic.com/ztixed.jpg - (this is also the bottom of the left window, hard to see but under my key clip you can see a bubble / finger looking thing.)

I didnt do the rear window yet, the quarter panels are professional, nothing wrong with them at all, they are perfect. Want to get

my sides down perfectly. People may ask why dont you get it professionally done, truth be told.. I am going to have to take these

tints of sometime whenever I get pulled over for it. So I dont want to pay 200 dollars to get it tinted and get it taken off. If I know

how to do it myself, fix it ticket, then put it back on. Lot cheaper and a lot less stressful. Anyways please try and tell me what I did

wrong or any tips/tricks that could help me out.

I run into issues when I have to apply the tint on the inside, trying to stick it all into the sides of the windows under the door frame.

The bottom is not really that much trouble. Also if anyone can sort of tell me about the heatshrinking, if I need to have the film cut

perfectly how the right window was done, then run my heatgun over it and look for fingers and smooth them out?


Happy tintin'

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PA tint laws suck, but ya gotta keep it legal. We shouldn't be advising you on how to do !llegal things, we are real professionals who also take offense to someone claiming their first install is on par with something we work hard to perfect and earn a living from.

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Guest darkdan

Instead of ruining the appearance of your brand new car...........just take it to a professional.

No reason to have a $20k with a $40 tint job. Looks about as good as a $600 car with $10k rims.

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So you want to learn how to tint, so when you get caught for !llegal tint you can save $ by doing it yourself? What about if you get caught for the !llegal tint and it leads to something else...DUI, run some kid down, ect. Your cars is an 08.., I'd get it tinted professionaly with the legal % in your area...its not worth the time, money, and heachache it will take you to tint it...and it still will be less than perfect in the end.

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Guest rocca08

ya the quarter panels are perfect. but its just difficult on the front window, lots of posts, can someone please answer my questions about heat shrinking to the front windows. Read the original post to see what I asked thanks guys

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