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Dealer Tinting, LOL !

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I go to see a Used Dealer I know, he has an 02 Malibu, friend of his said he knew how tint and could do it for him.

The guy didn't put down the Driver Window when he cut the film, and he cut it on the INSIDE!

Trimmed the bottom just above the gasket, about a 1/64th inch gap.

He did the rear vent window on the Drivers Side, and cut it too short, massive light gaps !

Looks like crap, and the Dealer says he will do it himself.

I did the vent window on the RR door to give him an idea of what was involved, and he kept asking that famous question, "doesn't it go on the inside ?"

He kept asking even as I was leaving, "How do you know which side is the liner side, and which side is the film side ?"

The slip solution he was using sure smelled like Windex with soap in it, but he says it is water and dishwashing soap.

So, out of a $20 box of Auto Store film, he got 1 side window and 2 rear vent windows.

That cheapo stuff was !$#*&^ to work with on that little vent window !

I might go by and see if he would like me to do it, only downside is it is outdoors, and lots of wind.

I even told him where to find tint vids on youtube, but asked him if he has a sore tooth, let me know, I will watch a few videos on the I'net, and would he want me to pull the tooth for him after watching a few videos of how to do it ?

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