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Guest Josh @ Proform
Looks good.

It might be the first 09, we did the first (08? :beer) Speed this earlier year.

Well I did an 09...and my fender didnt have a seam............. :beer ........... :beer


Next time take the photo closer than 15 feet away....lets say 1 foot like we do.. let us see those pretty surfaces :beer

Its what the customers want... kits that fit, provide superior coverage and CAN be installed. Sometimes hand cutting has an advantage because you can tack outside the area being covered, then trim the initial tack off, there by removing the film with adhesive marks. Kits are limited to the film they are cut on, and in this case the seam made the fend much easier to install. I doubt anyone who didn't know that seam was there would ever see it... just look at the close up picks can you see it?

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