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Oops, there goes a supplier

Guest sewing_guy

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Guest sewing_guy

Does anyone else include dash kits in their list of services? I've only done a few over the years, but have always kept samples and a card from Quality LaserCraft. Nice product. Wood grain is believeable, and the Carbon Fiber parts have a nice look.

So what happened to them?

I called today checking on a special order for an 08 Scion, and got a message that effective July 5, they had shut down their automotive services line of products, and thanks for calling. Oops.

I guess people weren't flocking to the stick on pieces the way they thought? Or they were overpriced? Or maybe the stick on didn't stick so well?

The problem is, I still have the customer wanting to put a kit on his Scion. He talked to me at my booth at a car show a few weeks ago, and is really interested. On top of that, he's wanting special color combo (orange and blue).

Any recommendations on a replacement company for Quality Laser Craft? Someone you use and trust their product and quality? Like I said, I don't do many of the kits, but when someone does ask, I like to be able to deliver.



PRO Stitch Auto Interiors and Upholstery, Inc.

Taylorville, IL


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