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Business just picked back Up ..Cake Job (((Updated Pics)))

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Did this commercial estimate today that was accepted. 1800 sf, most of it includes 68 42"x 71" single pane windows. The company does some sort of legal investigation for other companies and one of their new clients required them to add privacy film to all the windows and security cameras outside before they signed with them. I am assuming this must be some sort of million dollar account for them to do such a drastic renovation in order to get a client's business. They chose the MG-05 film over a reflective mirror like film. This is the same company I did a single exit door for a couple of years ago for glare control.... no other company would go out to do just one door...I am glad I did now....lol




Yes the windows do have a slight factory tint to them....but not dark enough for privacy.

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MG-05 is a JWF that is basically a 5% metalized film...25% reflectance just very dark...Only warrantied on single pane but I have installed it on DP tempered with no issues..... I like it alot for commercial uses and for basement home theater windows...



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I tried johnsons dual reflective and loved it. I got a couple of large jobs to do thinking of using johnson. MG I might try it since they want dark. whats the absobtion on the film?

55% Absorption to be exact. Single pain it doesnt matter. DP Tempered....no problem....DP NonTempered....a gamble

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