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Has anyone tested the claimed heat rejection numbers of film

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I was wondering if anyone did their own testing on various brands and types of window films with a BTU meter. I picked up an inexpensive BTU meter and was surprised to see some of the film companies claimed heat reduction numbers are not what they claim. I don't have the actual percentage of heat reduction but was just checking a competitors 20% shade to another 20% shade and noticed that numbers just don't seem to add up. I will do a more thorough test to see what I come up with.

If anyone out there already have done this, please post your results. Thanks.

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I was involved recently in a job bid where one of the manufacturers threw this on the table. Films from the three big Manufacturers were independently tested and came out dead on to what they were adverstising. I know of one that was sued a few years back because it was advertised differently than what it was so they are usually careful about this. I have "Manipulated" BTU meters to read differently with the same piece of film depending on how you hold it. The way film is tested by the independent labs is with a fairly complicated and expensive piece of machinery. Keep in mind also that the film samples are not always what you are buying as a finished product. When I bid against one particular film I know there is no adhesive or liner so the film looks clearer.

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