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bmw/honda dealer comes crawling back

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I didnt really miss their business :lol we have tinted windows for years for the bmw/honda dealership here, since last summer I noticed they quit bringing cars to us, which I didnt give a sh!t because we have plenty of real customers.

the other day they brought me a bmw, my boss asked where they been taking them to, they said to this CAR AUDIO/ TINT SHOP. only thing I can figure is they were doing them dirt cheep for them because I have never had a complaint from them on any tintjob, figured it was the price. anyway the car salesman tells us that the car audio shop burned the center armrest on a new bmw and wouldnt own up to it :lol:lol:lol:lol6 how in the hell do you do that? :lol6:lol6

the sniveling rat bastards got what they deserved for taking it to a shady lowballing car stereo shop :lol so now by default I have gotten their business back :lol WOW I am so happy :jerkit

I couldnt help but laugh outloud over it, thinking to myself, "dumbazz salesman thats what you get for picking the lowballers"

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I dunno, there is NO reason to have a heatgun in the car :jerkit might have been a light or something though :lol those hallogen lights can burn like hell. its hard to say in a place like that, hell they might have been smoking CRACK :lol

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sounds like they have a rookie tinter over there, thats the type stuff that can happen.

I scorched a headliner on a cutlass 4dr my first year, being stupid with a heat gun in the car :lol sh!t happens

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trying to get the farking matrix to stick, that was in 91( whenever the cutlass 4 dor car from hell came out) before heat shrinking was around. lots harder back then :lol

I had the heat gun in the car ahd I was holding it and it was off, the heat radiating off the end did it I guess, all I know is I looked up and there was a brown spot about the size of a silver doller on the headliner by the matrix :lol luckly you can get a headliner replaced cheep :jerkit we did tell the people and replace it for them.

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That sh!t makes you feel like a turd! Anyone who has worked on other peoples cars for a while has had something happen, sometimes its small like a nick on a plastic pannel or sometimes it much larger like a scratched glass or leather door pannel.

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      Xpel; rookie (me) popped air pocket and nicked paint

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