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Need info on Window film

Guest sapphire

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Guest sapphire

Hi all,

I need to know what one you think is the best...

V-Kool or Johnsons.

I am here in the middle east for work and it is hot.

I come from Washington state so I never used a window film on a car.

So far this is the only two window film I have found here.

So your input would mean a lot.

V-kool says it blocks 50% or more of heat.

Johnsons says it is better then V-kool and will do a dark color on the back windows and they say it blocks 50% of the heat.

Thank for any help.

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vkool is more for commercial/residential, but if you want max heat reduction in a lighter film, and money is no object, go for it. I'm sure other brands are available too, any major manufacturers pro grade film would work just fine.

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Guest DontWorryItWillDry

Welcome to the boards Sap,

To answer your question, I think comparing those two products is like comparing night and day. You have to ask yourself what do you want for what you are paying.

If you want to reduce the glare in addition to the heat, then you may want to consider the Johnsons. If you like a lot of heat rejection and don't mind the light still coming into your vehicle, go with the v-kool. Also, keep in mind, the darker the film you go doesn't neccessarily mean it will keep your car cooler. If you go with a 5% limo tint, that will absorb a lot more heat than reflect which would conduct more heat into the vehicle rather than reflect it.

I'll end this here and hope that can answer some of your questions for now. I'm sure the other members will chime in with their opinions and may have more questions to clarify what you are looking for.

Good luck.

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Guest sapphire

Hello & thank you,

I want to reduce the heat as much as I can.

As a woman in the middle east I would like to have the back windows dark... but I do not want to add more heat.

They seem to be about the same price.. well Johnsons seems to be a little cheaper.

But I don't know any thing about them.

So do they both really reduce the heat about 50%?

Out of the two, I would want to know what one is the better one that will reduce the heat.

Thanks so much


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Guest Litespeeds

Hello Saphire and welcome to TintDude.com

I have just tried V-Cool and it seems to be a very good film. Usually people who use V-Cool are the ones who want a film that is almost clear that will reduce alot of heat. The cost of V-Cool is about 4 times more than your average film so don't be surprised to pay a high premium for it. As for Johnson's, I have seen some adhesive failure in the past and would rather not comment on it. Just make sure you get their SP line or above and make sure you get the written lifetime warranty from the tint shop to cover yourself in case of any problems in the future.

If you like the dark look, then go with Johnson's. If you want something that is very light but gives you the maximum heat rejection, go with V-Cool. Good luck on your decision.

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Guest DontWorryItWillDry


If I'm not mistaken, lifetime warranties apply only inside the US. As you know film will not last forever, but here in competitive state side, all the manufacutrers offer it for marketing purposes.

Sap, do you know what the darkest visible light shade v-kool is offering? I think somone here on the boards can explain to you what all the tech specs means when choosing films for your car. I.e. VLT, shading coefficient, reflection, etc.etc. Keep checking in as more members check the boards and throw in their opinions.

TD? FX? sl*t?

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