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Guest Sprinter

there have been some heated issues lately on warranties.

I was wondering if you feel like you get what you should get when doing a warrenty job.

1- do you feel the manufacturer should pay you what you would charge if joe customer came calling for a redo?

2 - if you do alot of warranty work are you happy just geeting film credit and feel that this is enough, it got you a free roll of film so your happy or redos come when your slow and you could use the money?

3 - I hav'nt done any warranty work other than filling in for a friend, who pays me then gets paid from the manufacturer it's not a bundle but helps pay the bills, what would you like to get if you had a voice in the issue?

4 - do you want the film companies to change the time frame back down to say 5 years on any high end film?

5 - give us your version of what you would recomend to recive from the companies in return for the redos that come your way?

admins feel free to move this if you feel the need.

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First of all I don't do any warranty work except my own, 2nd I have never made a warranty claim with a dealer or manufacture it is warranteed soly through me and my company,third very few of my customer keep a car for more than 3 years anyway,and fourth I don't think any auto film should have more than a 5 year warranty anyway but at this point customers expect it and it would be hard to go back :rollin (just my opinoin)

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Guest TINTFXold

I think Mr P summed it up pretty well.

I'll just add this: If a customer has a problem I want them to know they are dealing with ME. I dont want them, or me for that matter, feeling like they are at the mercy of a film company, that will never see the problem, making the decision on a re-do. I'll handle it IN-HOUSE, thank you.

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I think its a complicated issue, everyone is going to have a different take on it. I for one, don't want to eat warranty work, I don't do much of it (except for scratched stuff with diamond warranty program) but if a film should fail, I'd rather not be holding the bag. Occaisonally things come up where paper isn't in order, then I eat it, but for the most part, I'd rather get reimbursed for film dollar for dollar, with my mfg, its a set amount per window, which is fair as far as I'm concerned, but with the pricing variance, for some it might not be. As far as warranty work, I don't think I've replaced anything more than 3 years old ever anyway. Most people don't keep their cars that long in the first place. I have no problem with life warranties for that reason. Its very few that come back on them, lifetime makes the customer feel better about the purchase initially. Few of them will come back to haunt us, but not many. The other issue is, if warranties were cut back to 5 years, all the mfg's would have to do it, otherwise some of us would be screwed. Our culture is going to the idea that everything is supposed to last forever, but we all know it won't. We want everything now, for nothing, and its suppposed to work perfectly and last forever. We have become a nation of fools who will buy anything with the right verbage. If you buy our product, your life will change over night. It gets us to buy initially, but how many of us truly believe it?

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Guest Sprinter

it's good that you take care of your own, but what happens when they move from state to state and they want you to do it, then how do you back pedel?

I'm sure there are poople who make warranties worth thier time and won't turn anything away, most film companies will use certain shops to have warranties taken care of. how many of you are authorized warranty shops?

would you do more warranty work if the tint companies would pay you more for your time and expertise?

should'nt we be jumping for joy when a warranty comes in, especially if it meant getting paid for what we want for it?

would you rather get the money or get 1 36 inch roll of 5% film?

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