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00 VW Passat Remote Start

Guest gsd0519

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Guest gsd0519

Hey. I am getting a 00 passat this week, and wanted to get the remote start put in for my wife. I have seen it done where you can use the factory remote on a Subaru.

Can someone get me started? Suggestions on models? Compatibility? Difficulty?



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Autocommand is what I have been installing, and it is a good product with good technical support. But I have to aree with Mr Paladin and have the professional install their stocked brand. If you plan to use your current key to control the starter, check the range of your button first. Most of the time the remote for the starters has much greater range than any power-lock key transmitter.

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I oreder a $1000.00 from them of starters and they never showed up. UPS had someother name sign for this package. Since 12volt is out of Canada UPS and Canada did not agree where this package was so GUESS WHAT Too Dark is out of $1000.00 worth of starters. They could not keep up with the order I was putting in and they were suplementing my orders with different starters(cheaper ones but I still paid the more expensive price). And the range they said was 1500ft but I only could get about 200ft out of them. So I went to ultrastart and LOVE EM(these were even cheaper)

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