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New computer worm harvests credit card details

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New computer worm harvests credit card details

Last Updated Mon, 17 Nov 2003 9:55:26

TORONTO - New variants on an existing e-mail worm target Paypal customers and try to trick recipients out of their credit card information.

The e-mail, claiming to be from Paypal and disguised as a security update, threatens to shut down the recipient's account if they don't follow its instructions.

Paypal is a popular online payment system recently acquired by eBay.

The infected e-mail carries the subject line "YOUR PAYPAL.COM ACCOUNT EXPIRES."

The message warns users not to send their credit card information over e-mail, but asks them to click on a file called www.paypal.com.scr.

The program pops up a dialogue box asking for their credit card number, PIN, expiry date and security code.

The program then sends this information to the writer of the virus. It also send itself to e-mail addresses in the user's address book.

The virus was seen Friday in the U.K., South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, and it's spreading.

The new worm variants, called Mimail.H and Mimail.I, are based on a mass e-mailing worm first discovered in August. The worm takes advantage of security vulnerabilities in computers running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, Me or XP.

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Guest DixieGraphics

thanks for the info :hmmm

we don't use paypal, but we sure didn't like giving out all that info when we opened a sellers acct with ebay

you never know what they'll come up with next

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