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Getting Ready to Move

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So Hubby and I are getting ready to move our shop, hopefully within the next 3 months or so, with wraps and printing our slow time is between Mid Nov and Early Jan....so that would be a great time to move...so I have put the word out that we are moving and our prices are reduced, I'd rather sell it than move it, you know? So anyway this has caused biz to really pick up, and it is the easy stuff like in stock graphics, racing stripes, vinyl decals...very nice, easy money and these custys are always pleased because they are getting a deal...so far this month we have made 50% of our profit based on these sales...and the beauty of it is that it is in stock....already paid for.... super nice....

how is everyone else? after the election it should get a lot better, just because at least then all of us will have a slight idea on what the future holds....

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