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I DID IT....

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Toyota Tacoma ....

Took me a little longer but it was perfect. I accidentally ripped the tint with my squeegee and this morning a fellow tinter came in with me to give some pointers and told me that no one in town could do a roll down like that. I told him to cut the flattery and he said no Im serious it's freakin awesome. he also said that Im one hell of a person to compete with and I can kick some wicked competition if I really try. Im not out of the water yet but pretty damn close...

The only thing I have problems with is I'll cut two driver doors. It's so simple and logic and I almost screw up every time... LOL

Did a toyota 4 runner last night too a 1992 and it turned out just as perfect.

Im on a roll. My helper this morning who has years of experience says that you can see in the way I hold my blade and transfer my tint that it comes natural it's not something I worked hard to learn...

One more thing as an official tinter and not just a helper I sliced my hand with the olfa this morning twice... one of those carless things I do and now Im all taped up it bled for a good 2 hours..

Sorry this is long but it's the joys of a first complete job gone good.... :rollin

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