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Oktoberfest shirts

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If you guys want to give me some ideas that would be awsome.

I am making shirts for the big oktoberfest in lacrosse, WI.

Anyhow the them is going to be security guard for the shirt.

I am open for anything..

The front will say,



Then all I need is something funny for the back...

One someone came up with was

"My smart cells are floating in alcahol"

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" Please drink responsibly, if not, we are here to kick your a$$"

" Professional Escorts......have one too many, and we will SPAM your butt out the door!!!!!"

" If I look good to you, you've had too much(especially if you're a dude!!!)"

" Ladies, if ya wake up next to a fat, old guy in the morning, we are not responsible!!!"

"Guy's, if ya wake up next to a fat, old lady in the morning, we only have one thing to say...........HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!"

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