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Guest Laramie

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Guest Laramie

I just registered today but been reading here a lot longer.What I know about tint so far I learned here so thanks. I am a consumer and want a film to meet my priorities. At night, I certainly want to see well out the sides when turning and I had a problem before with an Llumastar(?) 35 on a grand Marquis with corner turning lamps. My car is a 1995 Thunderbird ( I know, boo, hiss on the back glass) in like-new condition, color is Champagne Met CC w/ mocha interior (I might go another color when I got money to waste). I plan on keeping the car. TSER is primary goal here in Florida for me. I wish to have enough VLT to be able to see well at night (brighter bulbs?) and with excellent glare reduction especially at night. When driving at night a major annoyance is the side (and rear view) mirrors. Can I have film put on side mirrors so my windows do not need to be overly dark? Suggestions please. So far it seems that I can get a good compromise with LuLu's ATR series but their website shows 2 ATR's, one is an HP metal and the other is called "Stealth" heavy metal. Anyone clarify on the difference? Btw, I did search this FORUM on ATR but this thread really surprised me, http://www.tintdude.com/forum/lofiversion/...php/t11020.html, it seemed that Solargard was the preference of those tinters which seemed in contradiction to most of this site's tinters. I would also like to have film on the windshield as a means to further reduce glare without hindering VLT. I also have a Formula 1 tinter a little further away but I know even less about their product. As you can see I now know only enough to be dangerous. I will spend the necessary money and choose the tinter I feel most confident in. Can you help me sort through based on my preferences? I apologize for the novel.



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Guest darkdan
I would also like to have film on the windshield as a means to further reduce glare without hindering VLT.

Sorry, those are opposites. To reduce glare you have to go dark, to not hinder the VLT you have to keep it light.

Depending on your budget and desired appearance:

Any full metal film (like LLumar Platinum Plus, Global HP Fusion)

Huper Optik


FormulaONE Pinnacle/Ultimate

Luckily you have a real antenna so you don't have to worry about radio reception problems with metal films.

Check the FL tint shop listings on this forum and see if someone is close to you that could help out!

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