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New to ppf what to charge?

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Tomorrow I have a Legacy that wants the leading edge of the hood, fenders, and pieces below the lights. I might throw in the mirrors too. Its going to be bulk 18'' 3m film.

I also wonder how everybody does dealer work. Do you charge the dealer a lower price so they can mark it up and make money? Or do you charge a dealer what you would charge everybody else.

Also do you quote per car? or just have a flat rate? Like $250 for the hood/fenders/mirrors. Then $500 if they also want hood/fenders/mirror and bumper. Obviously special jobs like an rv or exotic would be more.

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Well luckily it just got painted and its at the body shop. I know ther owner well. After all he refered me. I am the only one doing it locally.

I have tinted several hundred cars. I have done several clear bras also.

I knew I would get flamed a bit. lol For asking a noob question on a forum. Its expected.

So for a leading edge on a legacy fenders and mirrors. $375 ish.

This is a dealer job keep in mind.

Just dont want to kill the market. I have never used a plotter for tint or ppf. I just dont know if I could handle that.

I will probably take pics so you can check my work.

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