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BIG moe (rapper)

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Rapper Big Moe was a no-go at a concert Saturday night. Now disappointed ticket-holders want their money back.

About 150 Big Moe fans thought those tickets would get them up close to the Priority/Wreckshop/Capitol Records artist.

"He never showed up," said Yolanda Henderson, who bought four tickets to the show.

The rapper was in town Saturday, according to Otis Polk of Struggla Affiliation, the opening band.

Big Moe signed autographs, as scheduled at the Base Exchange at Sheppard Air Force Base, and Polk saw him later in the evening, but when it came time for him to perform at 1 a.m. - Big Mo was a no-show.

"What I will say is that we paid Big Moe's agent/manager X amount of dollars to perform," said Face This Entertainment's Justin Jones. "But for uncontrollable reasons, he didn't."

Big Moe's manager, K.G. Guillory, said the rapper didn't perform because the promoters didn't pay the artist's entire fee.

"They send half of the deposit for the show to hold the date," Guillory said. "We arrived in town ... Then they told us they didn't have the rest of the money."

Guillory said, "If they would have paid us the rest of the money, we would have performed."

Cliff Hanga Music, which agreed to sell tickets for the show, said the business has been slammed with calls from angry ticket-holders wanting their money back.

Cliff Hanga owner Darrin Fields said Face This Entertainment told him they would refund fans' money - but that hasn't happened.

Jones said refunding ticket-holders' money hinges on whether Face This Entertainment can get back some of the thousands of dollars they invested in the concert.

"We are trying to make that happen," Jones said. "We apologize for what happened at the concert. It cost us about $5,000 to put it on ... We're going to try to see if there's a way to get the money we paid for the performance back and then go from there ... And we're trying to come up with some kind of way to rectify the situation."

But Big Moe's manager said Face This Entertainment likely won't get a refund.

The concert fiasco put a bad light on everybody involved.

"This has put a black eye on Cliff Hanga Music," Fields said, even though his company was not the promoter.

Struggla Affiliation's Polk echoes the same sentiment.

"It not only gives the city a bad name, but us as an opening act, Cliff Hanga Music and (radio station KQXC) Hot 103.9 a bad name," Polk said.

The radio station's only tie to the show was running paid ads.

Polk, Fields and the radio station are talking about a make-up show - possibly a free concert soon with a big-name entertainer.

They agree that entertainer probably won't be Big Moe.

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