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Best application solution for auto tint

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Guest thatsnappyguy

never use anything with Gila in the title. most tinters use johnson and johnson baby shampoo. stick with that and u will be fine. there are other slip solutions on the market that are made for window tinting, but jnj baby shampoo works really good because of the lack of detergents in it. some guys use dawm or any other dish soap but I would never recommend that because of the abbrasive degreasing agents in it. although dish soap wouldnt be a good solution to tint with, it is a very good product to clean the windows with.

other tinting slip solutions;


ultra bond

rapid tac..

there are more, but just stick to jnj

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Guest VibeNewbie

Thanks for the quick reply guys. I saw in one post a recipe for rapid-tac, looked like J&J plus some alcohol. I have alot of 99% isopropyl laying around. Is the home made rapid-tac the way to go then?

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Guest thatsnappyguy

if you are tinting windows, stick to what I said. rapid tac is for vinyl application in the first place. rapid tac is hard to use because...well look at the title...it tacs very rapidlly...u need a lil more time to more around and get a tite top edge and make sure the gaps are tyte.

im telling u, theres no need all that chemistry mixing BS. I have never put any alcohol and all that other crazy crap into a mixture...your just comfusing yourself. jnj baby shampoo is all u need....thats what 90% of the pros use. that stupid alcohol trick isnt something that I would ever waste my time with. I been using jnj for years and never had to do anything but put a drop or two in a bottle of water. and I do good clean work without and problems...why mess with that.

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Pros use the J&J because it and products like film-on are wetting agents that increase the adhesives pull off PSI to the maximum compared to the alternatives. I have even seen charts where it was all tested. The less contamination between the glue and glass the less peel up warranties you deal with, especially on the corners.

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I use to work at Rapid Tac I do not recall the exact formula but in a 55 Gal drum It was something like a Cap of Vanilla extract, a cap of Dish soap alcohol and water. Pretty simple. I do no tknow what the % of Alcohol and water is but I believe I recall Roger bragging how he made his millions selling 98% water. But it seems more logical for it to be a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water. Im going to put some decals on my car today and throw a mix together 50/50 water and alcohol few drops of dish soap and that should do just fine. I do find it pretty funny that anyone would buy an application fluid when it is so much cheaper and easy to make. I sure as heck am not rushing to the store to get some fluid. ;)

Good lcuk

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yeah i have to say that while some tinter love film on I do not. I think we had a bottle of film on at the first shop i worked at. A sales rep left us with a bottle to try it out. We tried it alright and went straight back to baby shampoo. And here's why i have stuck with the shampoo. For 1 easy to find at any store. And for what a bottle of film on costs i could buy a months worth of baby shampoo. Now as far as using straight rubbing alcohol never tried it. but i would imagine it would tack up like super fast and i like alittle time to get a piece where i want it. Might be really good for tinting in cooler weather though.

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