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3m buys out McGuires car products

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Guest maddtinter

Just recently did some work for a Meguiars manager.He was not at all thrilled about going from private to public.I sure hope they do not f%%k up a good product.

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Guest tintmanlibby
Gotta let it ride. I'm not afraid. I'd like to buy more. Looks like 3M made a smart move........... :homer

I would like to see them buy xpel.

all there product are very well made and has a awsome rep.

when I was really pushing 3m custy would call and ask what type of film do I use,and my response was 3m , and they always would say that they make a great product.

the whole reason why I left em was cause the fl. dis. was going though major changes .

the other reason was the tint rep. was a azzhole ,and they also required that you buy $3500 min a month ,kinda hard to do when there product wasnt my high end tint

I do question the fx hp 20 54% tser that sound a little high .ive compared it to a film that has a 63 % tser on my light display and it didnt even feel close ,but smart move on buying there stock ,im gona talk to my dis. about buying there stock :homer you just schooled me thank you zeus

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