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I can't send a Private Message

Guest TinterFantic

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Guest TinterFantic


I'm not sure who to speak to, I have tried 5 times now to send a PM to a member and keeps saying Error with red letters.

I can't even type my subject Nothing???

Is there a way to get this activated from a Mod

I'm trying to send a PM to TintWizard I want to ask where is your shop located??? The yellow pages.ca just give a Phone Number and the Phone book with your ad just has a phone number as well listed.

No Address is listed

I’m going to Belleville today and wanted to stop by

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You need 10 posts I believe B4 doing so :homer

I'm in and out throughout the day as the wife is on holidays and I'm daking the week off :homer however I have to pick up a 09 M6 for tint ..what time were you in Belleville for ?

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Guest TinterFantic
No Address is listed

I have it that way on purpose ..I'm by appointment only ..keeps me from not being chained to the house/shop :homer

So 10 posts really,Thanks for the info :homer

I see,So you work out of your House that explains it,Just didn't know you could post an ad on the yellow pages with out a address

I'm going at around 2:30 today

If your busy today I won't disturb you today that's cool with me,Maybe another time when I'm up there and your free and its not so cold and windy

I will send you a PM as I do need to ask you a few question about film supplies company's if your able to help me out with that


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Idon't mind you popping by today, just give a call as to when..my business phone is always call forwarded ..I'm assumming you have the number since you saw my yellow page ad :dunno

You still never said where you are from ?

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