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I saw this earlier, but I wasn't going to post it because I didn't want anyone to call me racist.

I do believe most people would just be confused and not listen to the issues. But when they started mentioning Sarah Palin (not just a last name, but the whole thing) and they didn't catch it...........

Most people made their mind up a long time ago though and you don't have to agree with a canidate on 100% of the issues to want them to win.

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As a 15+ year advid listener to Howard, I would have to say there is no merit to this at all. First of all the on the street "reporter" asking the questions is Sal the Stockbroker, a previous superfan of the show that started working there after they held a contest. This is the same guy who did a stunt a few weeks ago where he and another male show member stood in the background of a CNN camera crew and made out as a goof. These political "interviews" were a parody. More than likely they were looking for the most ignorant people on the street..probably most of them were homeless or worse...Trust me on this. It was all for good radio....

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This is a fact. Reverse some of it with McCain and it would turn out the same. Racism has nothing to do with this. Many have made thier minds up and no matter what they hear about their candidate, they will still vote for them, democrat or republican. Not racism, which is prejudice or discrimination based on race. This would be more considered Bias, basing their voting preference on a particular perspective or ideology, or in this case his race. No matter, many will still vote not for the candidate that best suits their ideas, but for the race of them. As they say, to each his own.

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Guest tintmanlibby
This happens every election...stupid people all over the country, ill informed.... :DD

You what I do like. Is alot of members here on TintDude.com are informed and have something to say...either way.


dude zeus you killin me with your right on the money statment's .I argee with you whole heartedly.this is the 2nd day in arow that ive enjoyed hearing a statement from you

thank mike

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