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Blue Max or Orange crush


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blue max has been great on the 4 mill film. have been using the blue side swiper blade in a squegge channel. depending on the glass im set up with a 6' - 8' - 10'. bigger the blade the quiker the work gets done. but will always 1/2 swipe at a time, and no bubbles gathering, and loving it

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Guest General Sun Shield
I've always had the best results with this one. The blade is actually thicker than in the picture. 6" Heavy duty blade


They are nice also...I have the 6" & 8" blades. I use these alot on thicker decorative films. Blue max works well for most applications (for me anyway). Best advice from me would be to keep adding to your tool collection and trying new stuff. I have used all sorts of things. I install everything from Auto-Boat-Decorative-Solar & safety films. So the more I have on the truck the better. :dunno

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