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Dealers that tint

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im really starting to feel the pinch of new car dealers that are offering window tinting in the deal. is anyone else having trouble with this? im sure you are, but thought that I would ask anyway. does anyone have any literature that one could put in the local newspaper explaining why letting a dealer tint their windows is a bad deal. id like to explain to people that these dealers have found a new way to manipulate them out of even more money. the dealer can hide the charge into the price of the car and we cant. they can also finance the tint for a little of nothing per month. this really pisses me off, not as much as taking biz from me as lying to my potential customers for biz.

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Guest mr3y1956

A number of Tint Shops are experiencing the same issues. You have to be aggressive and employ gorilla marketing to combat this.

Remind the GM that his CSI, will go down. You stand behind your work. If something is wrong you'll fix it. The dealership has to pay to have it redone.

They only successful Auto Dealers that make it work have an experienced tinter on staff and they wont work for lot porters wages.

Give the sales staff your business cards and they will send you work directly and if you keep there cars tinted up, they will make sure all of their customers are sent your way.

Many times the used car lot is overlooked. It is the most profitable of any department or at least should be.

most lot porter/tinters can't do used cars because they are only trained on new.

Turn over rate for lot porter/tinters are huge. If you stay consistently in their face. You will still get to do the majority of the work.

Never, never, give up.

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believe it or not, where I live it is so rural that we dont even have a new car dealer here. we barely got three or four used car lots. I dont have anything against the tint shop owners that tint for the dealers, I mean we all need the work. and if the dealer is passing it down the road to a fellow tinter, then that is great, im all for that. what im talking about are the dealers that are doing the tinting theirselves, at their dealerships. I have a honda dealer that is about 45 minutes from me. I know that this shouldnt bother me but alot of people in my town love honda's. if you buy a car at this dealer they offer to throw in tinting for free. I mean come on, I know they are not giving it to their customers free, nothing is free. this honda dealer has a computercut system and has a guy trained to install it for them at their facility. this is what is really p1ss1ng me off. they are taking away from us.

my tinting business is strong, no problems there, we even own a home seamless guttering business to fall back on if we close up shop. what is getting to me is that the dealers are lying to their own cutomers for their own profit, by telling them that the tinting is free. would you give it away for free. I feel like the people that live here are getting munipulated. if the dealer would just say. "we can tint it for you, for x amount of dollars and we will finance it in with your loan. we got a shop owner down the road at joe blow tinting that we have to do our tinting" then a shop owner is reaping the benifits that we deserve. but when they are lying and telling you its free and having their employer do it and the money stays with the dealer , that kills me.

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Don't waste your money trying to refute the new car dealer.. Their advertising budget is WAYYYYY bigger than yours... you will go broke attempting to get a customer or 2.....

Instead of focusing on trying to run their business.... spend that time promoting yours....

Spend that same money on a ad promoting YOUR business...... Don't just run a 'come to joes tint shop for 10% off' ad... you might as well give that money to charity....

Run an ad that rises above the noise level and sets you apart from all other tint shop... dealer or otherwise.....

only you know what makes you unique in that market... but promote your strengths rather than attempting to expose a competitors weakness when it comes to running an ad.


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