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#1 By "TintJunkie"

"Resurface your hard cards, without a tool"


I use hard cards a lot on automotive. I had the resurface tool, but I didn't like it. This is what I do to smooth out the edges. I use a piece of automotive carpet and rub the the card really fast on the edges of the card on the carpet. What it does is it gets the card hot and basically burns the card to make it smooth again. No more scratching film!! :dunno

Anyone else do this?

#2 By "tintmanlibby"

"clear shield"


I just used a hypodermic needle to suck out some of the bigger water bubbles on clear bra's just thought id share with my tint brother's
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great idea, only one problem. I don't have no new carpet. will no use old carpet, "contaminated", what I've been doing is rubbing my yellow card, silver corner card or red foot on my apron, running it between my olfa blades that are in the pockets giving me a nice grove. on the outside of my pouch, 6-8 times, up and down, very nice guide works like a channel, burns the edge a little. and not having to remove the extra plastic, still trimming the card once in a while when needed. always tering them up using them when doing flat glass, final trimming of film on the bottom of the pain

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