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#1 By "StreetsAheadWindowTinting"

Tin Can Blade Disposal

I made a blade disposal canister out of two canned fruit tins.

Sanded the lip of both tins.

Soldered them together.

Cut a slot in the end of one can with Dremel and Disc Cutter bit.

Presto, the cheapest safest blade disposal canister!

#2 By "TintJunkie"

Wax technique

Instead of using baby powder, use wax. I use some "shaping spray" from my distributor. Enprodistributing.com.

Spray it on, or if not in a can, wipe a small amount on the back glass. Let haze up a little. Do your "H" with a damp paper towel to anchor the film and shape from the middle up/down. You can hold a heat gun on the film for a long time with wax before it starts to burn the film.

Anyone else do em this way? At least for more curved back glass's??

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