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My 3 year old son - hands Dad a single edged razor!

Guest StreetsAheadWindowTinting

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Guest StreetsAheadWindowTinting

Just this weekend gone I did a mobile install for a good friend of mine.

My little boy wanted to tag along with Dad so ok..

Installing the Drivers rollup and here he is standing there handing me a single sided razor with blood dripping down it all over his hand.

I calmly took it when he handed it out and said "Shall we wash those dirty hands??" That is when he saw the blood.

He didnt burst out into tears just a little sob "Ok Dad theyre dirty aye"

I took him to the bathroom and rinsed his hand, thats when he started crying "Dad the soap is ouchy"

He had been playing with the slip trigger bottle and had it all over his hands to start with.

So anyway it was just a tiny little cut on the tip of his finger but I was the one that was in shock.

He had climbed on to the workbench as he explained to get the cutty for Dad to help, he had been sitting on a stool right next to me the whole time.

Next time there will be no next time. I finished the install with a very somber 3 Year old and guilt like nothing else.

Have any of you had anything quite as scary as this??

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I'm glad to hear it was only a small cut, we all know it could have been worse...

Lesson learned on from both I hope... :lol

I try like crazy to keep those things picked up around my shop, but sometimes you get so busy that it's impossible to keep up.

I also try to tape the ends of the ones I throw away, cause once I went to smash the trash down in the can and got a razor in the hand...

Lesson learned on that one too...

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Guest StreetsAheadWindowTinting

He is really good, helps me with all sorts, where safe. He is no worse than me when I was that age.

I climbed on a bench and cut a live 415 volt cable with pruning shears but didnt get past the outer copper screen (neutral)

Had I got further....... So I should know better as a Dad.

He is however getting taught the right and wrong way to use hand tools and will be getting his own workbench this Christmas.

I think we all can remember our first "Real" tools as kids.

I got to use everything in Dads workshop but the Electric Planer and Power Saws until I was 16.

There was only three rules.

1. Work Safe.

2. Break it, tell Dad, fix it or replace it.

3. If you use it all up, tell Dad, he can replace it.

Cool childhood in the garage (implement shed could take 9 cars, yes we did it too)

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