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The suguard rep called me today saying he wants to send a sample and that suguard is completely new product . Sunguard sucked from day 1 . How many tint manufactures are they now ? You figure the price of tint would come down more with all the competition.

do your prices go down with new competition?

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We have, and since Solamatrix has taken over the Sungard line we have really noticed a significant improvement in the auto film. The optical clarity is so much better and the adhesive is responding very well.

Another point about Sungard and their history is they haven't spent their time setting up your dealership accounts for "in-house" tinting, and we saw that Capt. Bill posted here that Solamatrix has no intentions of bidding against their dealers in the FG industry. Unless recent events has pushed them towards that, I have never heard or seen Capt. Bill sending his reps out to your dealerships and to my knowledge we have been using Sungard line since 1998.

They also are working with old Sungard dealers for FTI warranty work. This year they have really helped our business out with old warranties.

As an old FTI customer who experienced the fall of FTI, and still maintaining warranty coverage for my customers, the improvements and business models by Solamatrix have been impressive. I can safely recommend to my fellow business owners to give Solamatrix an opportunity and test drive their films. If you don't like, you don't have to use it, but I do recommend at least trying it out.

Good luck,


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