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Solamatrix- we hear you

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Hello all,

Below is our latest press release on our new economically priced auto film. Given these tough times, we thought this type of film release would help those that need pricing relief.

If anyone is interested in more information please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via the email listed below.

Bill Stewart

North American Sales and Operations Manager



Press Release

Sun-Gard Introduces GPMAX "Value Series" Automotive Window Film

St. Petersburg, FL, November 26, 2008: Given the tough economic times, it was clear to Solamatrix, Inc. that some kind of relief was needed for window film dealers who are seeing fewer installations per day and having a hard time making enough money from their business. According to Business Development manager, Bryan Young, "we have heard the message from our dealers loud and clear and have created this special "value series" to address the market reality that our customers are facing".

While offering a less expensive film was essential, it was even more important that this film looked good, installed well and had good durability. The result is GP MAX, a good quality window film at an affordable price. The company has introduced this high-performance window film at prices up to 30-50% lower than many conventional premium films. The latest addition to the Sun-Gard® film line, GPMax is a substantial (1.5 mil) film with an attractive neutral color, excellent heat shrinking properties and backed by a factory warranty.

For further details, contact Sun-Gard 1-888-887-2022.

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Have they changed the adhesive and stopped the fading ? It would take alot for some people to put trust in sunguard after the quality of products they put out the past 10 years .

This would be my concern. Still eating the cost of warranty claims on SG products.

Are they honoring any Sungard warranties? That would be the deal breaker on if they ever get my business again.

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