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Guest Almo

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I have a customer that just purchased 220 linear feet of 60 inch 7 mil clear 1 ply film. (1100sq ft... 2 cases plus 20 linear feet) and wants it installed this week or early next week ( Dec 2-12th time line). (Suntek film)

The job is in Great Falls Va and consists of......

22 windows 53" x 20"

6 windows 21" x 46"

2 Windows 29" x 34"

7 Doors 33" x 66"

13 Glass Doors 23" x 65"

10 windows 53" x 29"

30 windows 23" x 53"

4 windows 19" x 30"

Please email ALMO right away at installteam@shattersafe.com with VIRGINIA INSTALL in the subject line. You will be dealing with the customer directly..

This is how it works.... copied from old post....

The customer purchases film directly from me based on their measurements. (They can send me the measurements and I will figure out what they need).

The customer either installs the film on their own,(USUALLY BUYS 4 MIL 2 PLY) OR.. they ask me to have an installer contact them for installation. I tell them that the install only fee is about 4.50 - 5.50 per square foot, with a minimum of 250.00 call out fee to do any work. They either like it, or they don't.. simple enough. BUT THEY ALWAYS PAY.

I don't get the money for the install, the installer does. ( I make money on the film sale, cause they pay for film in advance)

All I want is 50 cents a square foot for the job, and I understand the fee only comes to me when you get paid. (Yeah... I am a trusting fool) BUT.. burn me once and you will never get a job from us again... and non payers would probably get posted here somewhere....

If you are interested in doing this , can warranty your work, have a good track record and want this job HANDED TO YOU please contact me by emailing me. OR... go to my site and call the 778 tel #.

You CAN reply to this post but I don't know if I will read it in time. THIS JOB OPP CLOSES TODAY.. DEC 2/08

Talk soon, and remember to "keep your stick on ice"


Shatter Safe

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Guest joesinla

Hey Al, Joe here from Eclipse in LA. I would be willing to fly out there for a day or two. This would be no problem at all and I've already done work for you in the past.


Joe Fisher


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Guest joesinla

I wanted to also note for everyone on here, that Almo at Shatter Safe is a great allie in the tinting business. It's as easy as collecting free referrals. You do the work and you get paid right from the customer. Al gets a well deserved and fair commission on the sale, and we're all happy. In tough times we all need to network and help each other. Both Al and I understand this and have a great working relationship. Kudos Al!! :thumb

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Thanks for the "vote of confidence" bud.. much appreciated.

This job has been assigned and will be taken care of.

Thanks for all the emails, and when the next one comes up. I will be in touch.



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Guest hooligantintboy

hey Almo :thumb you sound like a great dude to work with! I will also put my name on your list of tinters needed. 18 yrs exp with flat glass ,and edgelock too :thumb I live in central florida and travel anywhere in the US.

thanx, ivan white



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