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Christmas Gift Certificates

Guest oasisglatint

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Guest oasisglatint

I'm sure alot of you guys offer GC's for xmas, and other holidays...... we do. Do you put expiration dates on them?

I started doing it a couple of years ago, simply to make the custy have a sense of "urgency" to get it done. I don't refuse them if they go over, it's just a polite nudge to get them in a timely manner.

Had one come in today that was purchased on 10-5-07 :) Slow lately....... and then a gc from last xmas :twocents

My wife gives me chit about accepting them after this much time..........

Any thoughts?


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We have an documented both on the gc itself and in our own records who bought it and who it's going to with a one year expiration date. As long as it's either the person it was going to or the person who bought it in the first place I have no problem with them redeeming it as long as it's not more than 6 months out of expiration or if they plan on spending a lot more then the gc covers.

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Our gift certificates are good for 1 year. All gift certificates are dated and 'expires 1 year from date shown' printed below it.

also ' No cash refunds ' is printed on them. :shock

WA State law does not allow gift certificates to expire that were purchased, if you donate a gift certificate for fund raiser for donation you can put an expiration date on it. Make sure if you do want to put an expiration date on those gift certificates that your state won't undermind you on that one. I had a gal reschedule on us today for work for a gift certificate she received last Christmas.

Gift cards are different. Those can expire and cost consumers each month if they just maintain the cash value on the card without using it. After 1 year (I think) the company starts charging a monthly fee. This may be the way we go in 2009.

Best of luck to you all,


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