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#1 By "maddtinter"

Squeege with a hard card

For windows that have felt channels(gaskets).Use a white teflon/hard card cut at diagonal shape with a bucket of water.During your prep of the door glass dip the card in the bucket then slip the card into the channel and squegee out the dirt.Before I would use tape to control the dirt or felt.The tape wouldn't always stick or the tape would make the channel to tight to slide the film in.

#2 By "TintJunkie"

A better break-off cup

The red and clear olfa blade box makes the best break-off cup. The bottom of the box is very thick. All you have to do is cut a slot in the middle of the bottom. It will take a few times using it to get it "loose" enough to get the knife blade in and out easily. If you use the cup every day, it will last 8-10 months before it ultimately cracks the case, but if you buy these blades, you will always have a back up. They fit into any pouch! :yoda

PS. this will not work with the yellow olfa blade boxes.

#3 By "rondy_"

Using soap method and reverse roll

After cleaning the window with soapy water solution and rubbing soap on a damp towel (as usual). Re-mist the back window with the soapy water solution and wipe it with the towel.

This will create a more even layer of soap on the window.

When you get to do your reverse roll. After wetting the film. Spray also on the outside part of the liner. This will ensure a good reverse roll and as tight as you want. It will also make it easier to reverse roll during the installation, making the liner stick better to the outside part of the film.

By outside I mean the side that is not in contact the the film's adhesive.

I hope you get my words.

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Guest maddtinter
Great tip maddtinter, I am excited to try it :twocents... You're right, the tape can be a pain
It will take some time to get used too.Just make sure your film is not cut big and you have good handling techniques.It works great on deep channels like Audi's or BMW 7 series.
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