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Im sure we can get this thread going easily....

So, the supreme court dismisses the birth certificate lawsuit.

I suppose Arnold Shwartzanegger (spelling?) will try to run next time, all he has to do is not prove he was born here.

I know I may get some heat for this topic, but I feel this was an important lawsuit b/c there is no legal birth certificate to be found on Obama. His own grandmother was on tape saying she was at the hospital in KENYA when he was born. Suddenly, she died. :thumb

Am I the only one who has a problem with this??

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I know it's the requirements to be American born , I just don't see in his case where that would makes a difference! Since he is our president now we can only hope that he does a better job than Bush! I'm optimistic that he's going to be a great President but only time will tell!


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Hey TA, don't put that art up for POTW...you won't win!! :thumb

If they were to find he wasn't born on US soil, his ticket would be void...so he wouldn't be pres. I didn't expect the lawsuit to prevail anyway.

I wouldn't put it up for potw anyway! Too political! And I didn't vote for him anyway! I only hope he does a good job! That graphic was acually for a customer that didn't show so I stuck it on one of my peel boards because I liked the art work!
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I didn't vote for Obama either but hope beyond all hope that he is a great president. My only problem is that the media didn't ask him the hard questions about his past and his views that they should have been. It is very important for the safety of this country and the safety of the whole world that every aspect of presidents lives be disected. It's funny how much these politicians pander to their base. Obama has been back peddling ever since he won the race on how well and fast his change will work. Bush is now admitting that he isn't a fundalmentalist that he doesn't take the bible literally and that evolution very possibly scientific fact. Although he still thinks God told him to go to war with Iraq. It's really not good to listen to the voices in your head. They don't always tell you to do what's best for you. :twocents

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MAYBE ONLY NATIVE AMERICIANS SHOULD BE Presidents NOT THOSE THAT sailed OVER FROM Britain, What you think about that?

I think that statement is ridiculous, thats what I think.

I didn't sail over from Britain, neither did Obama. I'm just as American as Native Americans are.

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