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Favorite t.v. shows

Guest Kokomo Tint & Dent

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Guest Kokomo Tint & Dent

Lets see if we can get a common favorite show among window tinters. Prob too many results to make a poll so lets just wing it.

Top 5:

1. Prison Break

2. House

3. Fringe

4. Family Guy

5. Mythbusters

5th was a toss up between a few.

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Never seen House, but I understand there's a resemblance :thumb

We'll watch


modern marvels

time warp

histories mysteries

survivor man

Stuff like that. The propaganda on TV is so thick these days, it's hard to watch anything else without yelling at the TV :lol2

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Guest Kokomo Tint & Dent
survivor man

That guy gets on my nerves. A lion is going to eat him one day cause it hates the noise from that damn harmonica. I do like man vs wild, but I haven't seen it in a while.

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