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Alright just wanted to see what all the master tinters and all prefer and who likes what technique better. I know there are some threads sort of like this but no poll that I know of..

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reverse rollin for me !!!!!!! couse I dont like ballancin into aa car throu the door to reach a back glass like some of the coupes or limousines. N when ur finaly in in the f%&$/§$ car on the backseat you messed up the shiat and start shrinking the back glass again.

I need to say that I started tinting with the reverse rollin and only tried 5 to 10 times the other way.

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I reverse roll/ pop my film for flat glass. when doing hatch backs I reverse roll on the sport cars the bigger glass. a lot easyer colapsing my film to a W making it 1' wide and hanging 1', veryeasy getting it in the car no hassels 10 sec's setting on the glass

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