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Auto Industry Affecting Other Businesses


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Heard on the news on my way home the other day, that the Strip Clubs down the street from the Auto Assembly Plants are suffering a decrease

of 50% in Business.

Then you got the Mom & Pop cafes and Diners close to the Plants, so yeah, any business near these places has rough times , too.

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The auto industry issue, to me, seems like a symptom of a larger problem. This 'collapse' was engineered and failure of businesses and loss of jobs/houses was intentional, the auto industry is in the news because it's easy to understand.

The auto bailout is a drop in the bucket next to the 8 Trillion they have already given away to only they know who.

Our whole fiat money system is doomed to fail. PRIVATELY owned "federal reserve" creates money out of thin air, loans it out AT INTEREST...where is the interest going to come from to pay it back? It CAN'T be paid back, they can only keep printing more and more money to keep it going.

The rats know the ship is sinking so they are raping the country and then they are going to blow out the economy and buy up the REAL assets for pennies on the dollar just like they did during the 'great depression'.

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