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Vectoring Challenge

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Been working on this one myself, but too busy to put my mind into it the way I would like....

I'll custom make a free apron for whoever can vector the best representation of this....

This is Escher, it's for my trimmer, he wants it on a glass coffee table, I'd like to give it to him for Christmas...

Doesn't have to be line by line, just a reasonable facsimile...


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Guest GDK Electronics
ugh...not trying to be a jerk...but if a person tried to cut that file...well.... :dunno:

I know that, but at least with it in .eps format they can reduce the lines as they see fit. How am I supposed to know how much detail they want? ;)

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Wow.... lots of detial there!

Get ahold of someone with who does the vehicle wraps (like FlatrockSTAN) and have them print that thing on a big piece of clear meterial so you can install it on the bottom side of the glass table.

Then you can keep all the detail ... quick, great looking, cost effective :dunno

I think by the time you dumb down the detail on that thing it will loose too much of its effect..... :beer

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I will keep the contest open until this weekend.

Then I will cut each entry at 18x18 in.

The one that's the best representation without being too complicated, will win an apron (keep in mind, it has to be weedable).

So if that means sacrificing some detail, that's okay.

I will decide next week and post the winner... :dunno

I may still have one printed as well, I'm just putting it out there....


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