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Import automakers

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Does anyone some numbers as to how many autos are made in US?? Complete cars? Not shipped here from out of US

Besides the big three!

Seem to be alot of lookers and no repliers/...

No comments..???

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I know that Honda has a plant here in Ohio. They make many (although not all) of the available models. I think Toyota has a plant in the US as well. :hmmm Google can probably help you find the specific information that you are looking for though. :popcorn

The reason I ask is I wonder if the big three have more US employees working for them than most import companies.

Lower wages and cost to operate etc... outside the USA..

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Nearly every Asian automaker has plants here...Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Hyundai and many others including BMW and VW is opening a plant in Tennessee. Many of these are joint operations with US automakers. There's even some cross-polynization between Japanese brands...the Nissan Altima Hybrid uses the complete drivetrain from the Toyota Camry Hybrid and both are built here. I STILL don't understand how they can be labled domestic, no matter where the content is made. I'm sorry, if it's a Toyota it's Japanese, end of story. Not fond of there entrance into NASCAR either!!

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