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Competetion caught red handed

Guest cleanwork

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Guest cleanwork

I was on the internet the other day and found a bad review about our shop

our reviews have been great. but this one was an obvious attack.

I looked at the "handle the person used and looked up other reviews done by the same person.

Wow- low and behold they did a great review on another shop "their shop". It was obviously done by the owner of

that shop.

I thought I would play poker and send them over a email that said

"Hey "MoneyMac73" the handle they used

How low will you go. Ip Traceing Programs are great. shame on you.

The below is the email I got back from them. "by the way I used a fake email address -so theirs no way they knew it

came from our shop. If they were smart they would of not responded. but of course some people arent that smart.

How the hell did he know about this when he had no information on who this was from. He thinks we traced his ip back to his address. and we did.

They know they were busted and tried to blame it on an employee.

The handle the used was " MoneyMac73" theirs sons nick name on myspace it "G_MONEY" How stange very close.

their response

"Larry D" my fake email name.

I would like to apologize for this inconvenience. I had an employee here that was in charge of my email and sales. He was so tired of other companies sending fake emails and setting fake reviews that he took it upon himself to go ahead and do the same thing. Once we discovered this activity, he was terminated. This is not how we run our business and things of this nature will not be tolerated.

Thank you,

I took out certain info for liability reasons.

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From: Larry D


Sent: Thursday, November 27, 2008 1:37 AM

Subject: Quote

Hey "MoneyMac73"

How low will you go. Ip Traceing Programs are great. shame on you

Also just found today obvious attacks on other competetors. by the same shop. These guys are pieces on S---t

What would you do!

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Maybe I missed it but did you get the bad review on you taken off? We had the same problem from a customer that was mad because we wouldn't honor a lifetime warranty from ten years ago from the shop that was in our space that we are in now. They had a receipt that didn't even show the type of car on it and they had no manufacturer's warranty card. We have had the problem before since we moved one town over three and a half years ago. But this customer wasn't going to take no for an answer. So we had to call Yellowpages.com and dispute it and they took it off.

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Bad reviews are really really hard to remove. So dont pizz off anyone, that being said you can't please everyone. If you see 10 stellar reviews and one nasty review I think most folks will chalk it up to someone getting nasty and taking it beyond the normal scope of a review.

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