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St. Louis Distribution Center -Solar Control Films

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Solar Control Films, Inc. is opening their second distribution center in Saint Louis, Missouri on Jan. 2, 2009. Solar Control already has a distribution center in Houston, Texas that services Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas & Oklahoma. The St. Louis service center will distribute film (tint) for Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota & North Dakota. Of course when the Saint Louis service center can deliver quicker for customers in Arkansas, then they will supply the film. Our location is at:

1220 N. Price Road

St. Louis, MO 63132




The team at Solar Control Films has over 49 years of tinting experience with two experienced window film tinters on staff. One based in Houston and the second based in Kansas. They are both happy to share their tinting experience.

Solar Control Films is the authorized distributor for Global Window Films. Besides window film, we offer all the tinting tools that you need. We are happy to assist you with architectural bids and we will create an energy audit for you. Supply the square feet of glass per direction (N,S,E,W), city, cost per kWh of electricity & film. We don't install, we are distributors.

I'll be in Saint Louis for the month of January, so I look forward in meeting everybody. Call for the Grand Opening Winter Specials!

Phillip Hollocher



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