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Frosted for exterior glass??

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guys he is talking about a "sun exposed" window not putting the film OUTSIDE.....

in answer: I use mostly Johnson for my flat glass films. I use Global for my auto. I have used some Geoshield, Suntek, Llumar and Madico as well as Sungard films for 8 years without anything else....

I use johnson for the flat glass as they have the pre-cut program and I seldom use enough film to warrant ordering whole rolls. Besides for the low charge they have for cutting the film the time savings is great then you have more widths to choose from instead of wasting as much film most of the time....

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Guest DecorativeFilmDepot

Window Tintee,

As a distributior of white matt and frosted white matt film, I have installed numerous windows with those films on exterior applications. The absorption rate is very low and will hold up to weathering. I do carry a exterior white matt in case you need to order it. I also can send you samples of it.


Decorative Film Depot



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