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2000 astro cargo van

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installed a alarm/remote start combo cs2011 superrage on my astro cargo. Everythings working great but now im getting a little feedback & im not sure where its coming from (sl bypass module?) it sounds like its coming from the speakers but I hear it even if the radio is off & more importantly my tow/haul light is stuck on ? And I can tell its on by how its shifting gears when driving. My only guess is that I tripped a relay somehow, I give up. Any thoughts ?

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Sounds like you didn't hook up all the correct ignition wires. That will 'F' the computer up and cause irratic shifting and all kinds of chaos...

It's been a while but I believe there are multiple pink wires you need to hit with ignition.... hopefully it's not too late and you haven't damaged anything permenately...

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so I fixed the problem with the tow/haul light...now here we are 8 months later and every other light is coming on. SECURITY light , Brake light , ABS light.......wtf is going on !? The alarm/remote start is working fine & the van is driving just fine, please help!

I don't believe I have seen the brake light on the same time as the Security, the ABS is on & has been for a month and won't go off. If the security light comes on I can turn the van off and back on and the light is gone same with the brake light. Is maybe something wrong with the factory alarm bypass module or is this something to do with the remote start wiring ?

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