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Right now I am not satisfied with the "darkness" of the 30% tint on my car. By darkness I mean both the color and visibility into the car. The tint is not black enough and I can see the occupants in the car like there is barely any tint at all. This probably has to do with the tint being "charcoal" color. I found a deal for free tint removal but haven't gotten an estimate for the tint yet. 30% is already the lowest legal percentage.

My question is, do you think the price of getting my car retinted is worth the extra "black color" in a new tint film and also decreased visibility into the car. Since the new tint will have to be 30% as well (same as old tint), are there any types/styles of tint that will make a significant improvement which is worth paying the price of a new tint job? Will the improvements be worth the price?

And a side question, my friend has a tinted car that is impossible to see inside in the sunlight, sort of like a mirror. The only thing I don't care for is that his tint is greenish. Does that reflective mirror-like tint come in black?

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the visibility issue is not going to change with a different 30% film. It might be a bit different with a very reflective film, but then you are pushing legality with that one as well.

Different cars look darker with the same film. Car color, manufacturer of car, interior color/s, and a very large factor would be the ambient lighting around the car outside. All of those will be a factor.

"Does that reflective mirror-like tint come in black?" I think you can look at your question and derive the answer. How could you have a "black mirror"? The mirror factor is from the sliver look of it....


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Just be glad that 30% is legal where you are, many have much greater restrictions. Regardless of the type of 30% film used, it will not appear "darker". Probably the best you can do while keeping it legal is to get a metalized 30% film installed which will add a bit of reflectivity. :twocents

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its up to you cause you already have your mind made up you just waiting for someone to give you the push

I know how I want my tint improved, I just didn't know if there is a type of tint available that will give me the results I'm looking for, and if the amount of improvement would be worth the price.

From what I'm reading, it seems only a metalized/reflective tint will give an improvement. I guess I will have to look at some samples in person.

Thanks for all the replies!

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Bottom line - It's LEGAL. !llegal installs will get our industry outlawed, then no one will have tint on their windows and people will really be able to see in.

I'd say the solution is to deal with what you have, or break the law. It's entirely your choice.

But remember - "Fines can be Substantial"

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