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#1 By "BIG E"

Mobile installer tip., Settle the dust.

I have done quite a few mobile installs at farms, trucking companies etc. where the work area is far from film install friendly. With permission, use a water hose with a spray nozzle to wet the surrounding areas and under the vehicle. If its a tractor or something like that spray it down also. On the inside, mist the interior when installing too keep dust down.


#2 By "Cuttingedge"

Need Deco Circles...No Plotter...No Problem

I was in Joanne Fabrics the other day buying some new heavy duty scissors (40% coupon in hand) and I noticed this Olfa tool and decided to buy it along with some suction cups to see if it would be an easy way to cut circles in white frost. Tried it out and it worked very well and was very precise. I just wet tacked the finish product on my kitchen window to show the results. Unfortunately it only cuts a 10" max circle. Should be able to cut circles out of already installed film as well for more design options. Took a whole minute to cut it out. Beats a plotter if ur cheap like me....




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