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Scratching tint

Guest kramster

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they will all scratch film at some point or other. Most of the time it is wear that is the culprit on the scratches. Keep the edge buffed on jeans, carpet, fine sand paper, a card sharpener, or even tape the edge like the TOTW. All will make the card last longest....

I use the White Cards myself. I use them very sparingly on the actual film surface. Mostly on the edges if I need. A white Chisler by Lidco products for those pesky little spots or slight pinches....

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I think the point is, don't use a hard card to squeegee. I use em for shrinking and bumping the edges of a roll up. Occasionally I will have a finger on a roll up on the bottom and I will used one to push it down, but I always rub the card on some type of fabric to smooth the edge before putting it to the film.

A lil chizler is a must have as well, and it will most certainly scratch film b/c they are so hard and we use them for small creases and such, so we push hard with them. I never use one where you would see a scratch. Always on the side of a roll up.

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