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Which one: Solar Gard HP Supreme or HP Smoke

Guest equan

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I use the hp supreme....they also have just supreme.....that is the super thin one.....I use it on certain back glasses as the one that is not supreme is not a metalized film....I have only had one issue well no two with hp supreme.....one was curling of the black not adhering well...the othe was a halo when looking at lights at night.....both have been long ago....

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Guest scottydosnntkno
HP Supreme has color stable warranty, HP smoke does not.

HP Smoke and HP Supreme both come with a lifetime color stable warranty. I use both and the HP Smoke definately does. Maybe you are thinking of NR Supreme vs. NR Smoke? NR Supreme has a lifetime colorstable warranty, where as NR Smoke has a 5 year warranty.

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