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Solamatrix press release

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Press release

Solamatrix, Inc. sponsors Courage Brothers’ Polar Bear Dip to support World Vision

St. Petersburg, FL, December 19, 2008: On January 1, 2009 roughly 5000 spectators will watch nearly 500 people take a plunge into the frigid Lake Ontario. This is all part of the 24th annual Courage Brothers’ Polar Bear Dip in Oakville, Ontario, Canada - a charitable event organized by the owners of Courage Distributing (Todd and Trent Courage.) All net proceeds will be donated to World Vision Canada to help provide a dependable source of clean water for the people of Kahi in the Umutara region of Rwanda.

Solamatrix, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the event. “As our exclusive distributor of Solamatrix products throughout Canada for over 15 years and more recently in five U.S. states, Courage Distributing is one of our closest business partners. Todd and Trent along with many volunteers have found a fun way to help others in need. Their efforts are commendable and we are proud to be associated with them and the Polar Bear Dip,” says Angie Howard, marketing communications manager.

With more than $380,000 raised to date, the goal of this year’s event is to raise more than $60,000. The money will be utilized by World Vision Canada to drill new wells and build reservoirs for the people of Kahi, Rwanda. The new water system will reduce the suffering caused by drinking dirty water and save children hours of wasted time, which can now be spent at school.

World Vision will also help the community maximize existing water resources to start home gardens and increase food security. This project will also train the community to protect their vital water resources, and establish good sanitary conditions.

To learn more about the Courage Brothers’ Polar Bear Dip and to find out how you can contribute, please visit their website at www.polarbeardip.ca .

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Hey Bill! Saw the coverage of this on "the Rick Mercer Report" the other night! Canada wide coverage! :trustme here is a link to the clip....funny stuff...this dude is hilarious!!

(you wil have to click the "polar bear" clip on the right)

polar bear dip

oh...and if anybody is interested (which im sure you probably aren't) the third clip down....the wheelchair basketball one...the dude that does the 3 point shooting (with his eyes closed) was my best buddy growin up. Ended up breaking his back in a motorcycle accident shortly after we graduated. Hated the world for a long time, but good to see he turned it around!!!! :rollin

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